3 Office Fitout Ideas

3 Office Fitout Ideas

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a small office with a beautiful fitout
One of the challenges of working in a small office is figuring out how to utilise the space to best meet everyone’s needs and at the same time, create an environment that is aesthetically pleasing. This can seem like an impossible feat but read on to find out how to achieve a small office fitout that meets your requirements and keeps within your budget.

Don’t think small

Here are a few ways to increase the space in a small office:

1 Lighting and neutral colours

Some of the simplest ways to achieve a bigger space is to take advantage of natural lighting and introduce a neutral colour scheme. This will open the room up as opposed to darker colours closing in the space. If your office lacks an abundance of light, an effective option is to install LED lights which are long-lasting and consume less energy.

2 Reduce paper use

Implementing a paper-free office could be quite a challenge for some businesses but cutting down on paper usage means there is less of a requirement for storage solutions and filing cabinets. This not only brings with it the obvious environmental benefits but you leave yourself with space you didn’t know you had!

3 Opt for smaller workstations

With more businesses introducing more flexibility and encouraging ‘working from home’ options, many employees have no need for large monitors and setups requiring bigger workstations. Take into consideration whether your staff work from laptops and what they actually need to store at their desk.

Simple, effective and efficient

There are many ways to fit out your small office space to increase functionality and efficiency. Implementing these fitout ideas will produce maximum benefits to productivity and staff morale – just as a cohesive design will make your small space appear much larger.

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